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The Raptors offers innovative, sustainable, and ecologically appropriate solutions to human-wildlife conflicts.

Our company’s success hinges on the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our work. With our team of professionally trained wildlife experts, we offer a wide array of services, from consulting and training to assistance with permitting and navigating complex wildlife legislation, to the implementation of robust, integrated wildlife management programs tailored to your specific needs.

With practical and applied falconry techniques as our focal point, complemented by the use of all traditional wildlife management methods, The Raptors has been providing successful wildlife management solutions in British Columbia and across Canada for over 35 years.

A man in a high-vis vest stands with a falcon on his glove
A falcon chases a flock of gulls


Creating a landscape of fear

The use of applied falconry as a management tool, as part of a consistently applied wildlife management program, is very effective at reducing problem species reliance on the site. We work to train the target species to avoid the site by creating a landscape of fear and encourage them to utilize other, more natural, feeding, roosting or loafing sites.

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Ecologically friendly wildlife solutions.

By utilizing a natural predator-prey relationship, we can mitigate wildlife conflicts in a way that creates the least amount of harm to the target species, and reduces reliance on traditional auditory or pyrotechnic deterrents that may have negative environmental impacts.

A woman holds a gyrfalcon on her glove


Neighbour approved.

Deterrence with raptors is virtually silent, and our programs are consistently positively received by the public. Our professional team of biologists and raptor handlers are trained educators, and are happy to stop and chat with community members.

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